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Who is Tom waiting nervously for at the diner? The answer may surprise you, and their interaction will shock you even more…

“A ROSE FOR SARAH was my Directing project with Columbia College Chicago’s Semester in L.A. in 2008. It was shot with the cooperation of my friends and classmates on Big Picture Sound Stages in Burbank, CA with the financial and resourceful backing of our school. The sets were built by fellow production design students, and professional crew members were hired so we could learn to work in a studio atmosphere. SAG (union) actors were also used in this film, bringing the production value to an all-time high. We were shooting on the RED One camera which was cutting edge for its time in 2008, but my lack of post knowledge at the time caused me to release only a standard definition upload. I’ve now re-mastered the short film for your enjoyment. I hope you get a kick out of it like the original reaction it received when it screened in front of my peers.” – Shawn Montgomery, Director

Please Note: “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” is written by Rupert Holmes and is copyright its respective owner.


After a botched assignment, professional assassin Jack Speedman resigns himself to the inevitable arrival of his protégé, undoubtedly sent to finish him off. But Jack has one last lesson for his student.

“ASHES was my second short film shot in Los Angeles, exploring a retired assassin as he reflects on his life, to find the meaning of his choices. While at the same time, what it would be like for someone like Sam’s character – who has grown up as an assassin – and making her way up through the ranks – discovering the gravity of her career choice. ” – Shawn Montgomery, Director


After finding out his girlfriend is assaulted at a party, Brent takes the matter into his own hands…or does he?

“This was a project for a Production 2 class at Columbia College, shot on 16mm color film with a Bolex camera.  All sound was done post-sync, nothing was recorded in camera.” – Shawn Montgomery, Director


How hard is it to have a cigarette in the 21st century!?

“Shot in one day around the Columbia College Chicago campus.  This was filmed for a Production I class and was shot on 16mm film.  The film was later transferred digitally so it can be seen the way it is today.  This is one of the first films Shawn Montgomery ever made, and although crude in execution, it still remains one of his favorites to this day.” – Shawn Montgomery, Director


A surgeon struggling with faith after the loss of a patient must find a way to cope when his own wife goes under the knife.

Shot over a few days in rural Illinois, including Sage Products Inc. of Cary.  Halfway through production, while changing rolls of film for the next shot, Shawn realized that the entire roll they had just shot got jammed and was deemed useless.  They had to reshoot the scenes that following weekend.  Strangely, the woman who dies on the operating table is Shawn’s mother, whom died of heart failure just two years after filming.


A military veteran must come to terms with his demons after the truth about his friend’s death in the service surfaces.

“This short film was done for a Production 2 class at Columbia College Chicago. It was shot on 16mm color film with a Bolex camera and all sound was done post-sync, meaning sound was recorded live and later synchronized manually with the footage” – Shawn Montgomery, Director

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