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Post Production Supervision & Visual Media Production

Welcome to Beyond the Nametag Productions – home to the work of Shawn Montgomery – specializing in feature-length post production and short-form content creation. We’re ready to usher your project through to a smooth finish and provide you with thought-provoking content. Whether you’re seeking your next post production supervisor, or to collaborate on the next big thing, please explore our library of short films and music videos and stay informed with our blog for the latest content.

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Shawn Montgomery

Post Production Supervisor | Independent Filmmaker

After two years of production in both scripted and unscripted entertainment, Shawn moved into post production, where he totals eight years of experience. Two of those years he spent running the post department for WWE Studios. During his time at the company, WWE became a rising star in film and television which included independent features and co-productions with studios such as MGM, Sony, Blumhouse, Lionsgate Films, Fox Home Entertainment, Tri-Star Pictures and ABC Family.

In late 2018, Shawn moved on from the corporate office to become a freelance Post Production Supervisor. His first solo project was also his first animated feature, Uglydolls for STX Entertainment. He is now back with WWE for a team-up with Netflix. When he’s not throwing it down in the post production world, he is writing, directing and editing his next project for Beyond the Nametag Productions.

Role Play (2024)

Role: Post Production Consultant, assisting Producers on the US side as they finished the film internationally with Post Production Supervisor Melodie Stevens. Directed by Thomas Vincent. Produced by Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. Starring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo. Coming to Amazon Prime on January 12th.

Recent Assignments:

Retribution (2023)

Role: Post Production Supervisor for the latest Liam Neeson thriller Retribution. Directed by Nimrod Antal. Produced by Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. From Lionsgate and StudioCanal. Now available on digital and DVD/Blu-Ray.

Hypnotic (2021)

Role: Post Production Supervisor for the psychological thriller Hypnotic from Netflix. Directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. Produced by Michael J. Luisi. Now streaming on Netflix.

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Our offerings in film, television and new media production.

Budgeting and Scheduling

With emphasis on post production, let us do the leg work from the very start and budget your media project, reach out to vendors, and get those bids generated. While collaborating with your camera team, we'll outline your workflow from capture to delivery and have your production up and running smoothly and within budget.

Video Editing

With an affinity for independent film, Beyond the Nametag Productions is always ready to chop up some footage to create a fine-tuned final product. If you are looking to collaborate, we're ready to take on your project in Premiere, Avid, Audition or other.

Post Production

Over 8 years experience supervising post production, finishing and delivery for independent and studio features. Let us manage the post for your project from budgeting and scheduling, through capture and onto editing. When you're satisfied and the picture is locked, we'll guide you through arranging the vendors to finish your film or video - from conform & color, through sound mix and delivery.