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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Service Overview

These days with fancy digital cameras, impossible techno lingo and an ever-changing landscape, Post Production can be a major burden.  Luckily, with over three years of Post Production experience in a film studio atmosphere, Beyond the Nametag Productions employees can consult on your project early to ensure a smooth finishing process for your media.  This includes choosing the correct camera for your story (and budget), finding the most cost effective and efficient way to handle RAW media and finally putting together the final product.  We work with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve to create visual media with high production value for less cost than you’re used to.

Beyond the Nametag Productions is qualified to consult on…

  • Script
  • Budget and schedule
  • Physical Production
  • Post Production/Finishing/Mastering
  • Overall Workflows

We are looking for collaborators to create the next generation of content with!  We want to help you with your project!  Feel free to drop us a line if you’re serious about getting a production started.  We’ll consult with you first and start the bidding process!