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Service Overview

Itching to see what others think of the current draft of your screenplay?  Send it to us, we’ll gladly sign any NDA or release you require, and depending on the level of service you’re interested in we can provide brief coverage or a full report.

Service A – Brief Coverage –

We read your script and supply you with a logline and a synopsis, with general comments on story, character and structure.
  • 0-120 Pages: $25
  • 121+ Pages: $35

Service B – Full Report –

We will deliver an in-depth analysis with full coverage, complete proof-read and detailed report

  • 0-120 Pages: $75
  • 121+ Pages: $100

To submit, use the contact page, message us on Facebook or drop us a line at info@beyondthenametag.com to set up a consultation.  Payments are currently being accepted through PayPal or Cashier’s Check by mail.  Soon we’ll be offering a cart system/order form, thank you for your patience.

Please keep in mind while we review your script that we do not consider it for production at our company, we only provide you with notes that will better your content and help you as a writer.