Sportscast With No Name – Episode 03

In episode 03 of the “Sportscast With No Name”, we continue to bring you our take on the NFL off-season, including two big incidents with big-time defenders. Keep listening to THE AFC West Podcast, featuring the Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders!

Take a listen above, on iTunes, or below via SoundCloud:


Sportscast With No Name – Episode 02

We’re back with another episode of the presently untitled, “Sportscast with No Name”, discussing the result of Super Bowl LI, the NFL off-season and all of the needs of the AFC West.


Sportscast With No Name – Episode 01

We are happy to announce a brand new sports podcast by yours truly and Case Fitzsimmons. With focus on the NFL, specifically the AFC West, we’ll cover my favorite Broncos and Case’s Raiders, along with our fellow football chums the Chargers and the Chiefs. Check back soon for a discussion board, email updates and more information on how to join the conversation. We also need a name! So suggestions are welcome.

Our debut episode is quite long, but with so much to cover, we manage to keep it light. Episode 1 finds us talking Super Bowl LI, the NFL Honors, Hall of Fame inductees and most importantly, the latest on every team in the AFC West.

Take a listen, find me on twitter, and stay tuned as we learn what the hell we’re doing over here! Coming soon to iTunes.

State of Affairs 2017

Around 11 years ago, as a student at Columbia College Chicago, I founded Beyond the Nametag Productions. It is meant to be an independent label to launch content from across the entertainment spectrum. While starting as a stamp for my student films, it was meant to grow into more. We’ve been quiet for too long, which is why I’m here to re-state our mission, build lasting relationships and keep you abreast of what’s in store for 2017.

Beyond the Nametag Productions exists to create thought-provoking content. Specifically, art pieces that peel back the labels and look beyond our first perception. We’re here to burst your bubbles, not conserve them (which is something we need now more than ever).

Collaboration is key; we hope to spread our knowledge through education, consultation and partnerships. That is why our blog will be much more active in 2017, featuring articles surrounding my individual experience and those of my colleagues. The door is open for consulting, whether you need advice for an independent feature, or full-service supervision of post production. With a career in the making that is 9-years and running, I’m blessed to have a network with depth and diversity to help bring these projects to reality. So be ready to take advantage of my experience this year.

While film and video remains our focus, future projects include a graphic novel in the fantasy genre and a sports podcast. I’m looking for us to stay busy and explore all of our creative outlets. This year, you can hold me to it.


Shawn Montgomery

Dave Bullis Podcast Appearance

Dave Bullis, who is an independent filmmaker and runs his own indie film Podcast, recently had Shawn on the show to talk Post Production, WWE Studios and his work here at Beyond the Nametag Productions. Check out the tweets and links below!


In case you missed it before, Shawn has also been a guest on the Unleaded Logic “Logically Thinking” Podcast. Take a look at the original tweets below and listen to what they have to say about breaking into film, coming of age and gaming.

Part 1:

Part 2:

A project is brewing…

A new comedy web short is coming EXCLUSIVELY to Beyond the Nametag. Shawn hints at the production in a string of tweets over the weekend:

And bring on the cute…

It was a successful production and Post Production has commenced on “First Kiss”. Stay tuned for updates!


Professional Portfolio…in trailer form!

While Shawn isn’t spending his free time cultivating the Beyond the Nametag brand, he dedicates his time to WWE Studios and their Post Production department. Here’s a playlist of trailers from projects he has worked on…

B-Roll & Stock Footage: A Huzzaz Playlist

Sharing some B-Roll, stock footage and travel video courtesy of Shawn Montgomery and this Huzzaz playlist:

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Mulholland Overlook Sunset Time-Lapse

Recently I drove down Mulholland drive and ended up at the Mulholland Overlook to shoot a time-lapse of a gorgeous sunset over the San Fernando Valley. There was a rare bit of weather that night and the result are some bright colors reflecting off of dark clouds. Take a look below for a limited time before I pull it down! I also made an extended version (that I prefer) which slows down the process.


32 second version:

Extended Version:


Shot this on a GoPro Hero 3 at 1920×1080 23.98p. Actually captured the whole 45 minute sunset and sped it up in Resolve in Post.


ON THE GROUND: ComicCon 2014

Better late than never, the post I should have written a week ago: I was assigned by WWE Studios to head down to ComicCon in San Diego, CA to run tech on the panel featuring the trailer premieres for See NoEvil 2 and Leprechaun: Origins from them and Lionsgate Films. Pretty significant since we finally unveiled the new-look Leprechaun, a total 180 from the original series. I’ve spent the past year or so finishing and delivering the film in post production so I am stoked for the result. Read on for the whole experience that was ComicCon as well as the links to the juicy stuff – trailers for both films. Read more