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Beyond the Nametag Productions

Los Angeles, CA 

So, nametag is supposed to be two words?  Says who, the grammar nanny?  Beyond the Nametag Productions is an independent visual media company founded by Shawn Montgomery in 2006 as an entity to launch content in line with his vision for entertainment: provocative, emotional and surreal content that informs. Something for those who live behind a name tag, but content that will wake them up to a higher state of consciousness.  

Since then, Shawn and his company have been involved with several short films, music videos and commercials, with hopes to expand in 2019. Beyond the Nametag Productions is working on developing cutting edge visual media for all generations, distributing short content through multiple platforms for audiences in North America and around the globe.

Shawn Montgomery

Shawn Montgomery

Shawn Montgomery

Post Production Supervisor and Independent Film-maker

Shawn was born and raised in a small suburb of Chicago, graduating from Columbia College Chicago and relocating to Los Angeles in 2008 with the Semester in L.A. Directing program through the school. He began his journey as an intern for WWE Studios – the film division of his favorite wrestling brand. He was able to segue that experience into a full time Production Assistant position on “Bring it On: Fight to the Finish” for Universal Home Video. Eventually this led him to an opportunity to P.A. on the hit reality series “The Girls Next Door” which turned into years of work and a vertical move to Production Coordinator for two seasons of “Kendra”.

His focus is now in feature post production, having eventually spent 8 years in post production with WWE Studios, with 2 years running that department for World Wrestling Entertainment. During his time, WWE became a rising star in independent film and television. This included many self-funded features and also co-productions with MGM, Sony, Blumhouse, Lionsgate Films, Fox Home Entertainment, Tri-Star Pictures and ABC Family. In late 2018, Shawn moved on from the corporate office to freelance post supervision on his first animated feature, Uglydolls for STX Entertainment. Following it’s release in May, 2019, Shawn returned to WWE Studios to post their team-up with Netflix, The Main Event, set for release in 2020.

When he’s not throwing it down in the post production world, he is working on putting together his next project for Beyond the Nametag Productions. In his spare time he enjoys writing, directing and editing his own short films, music videos and commercials while currently spending some time learning After Effects and DaVinci Resolve (he maintains that any tips are appreciated).